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  • Manufactures Uncle Pops Popcorn for Distribution and Wholesale
  • Caters Nitro-Pop for Events 
  • Has Store Franchise Opportunities
  • Has an Online Store
  • Offers a Private Labeling, White Label, CoPack program for your Brand, Company, or Store

Try Uncle Pops Boxes as a Snack or Gift!

Uncle Pops offers the best hand-crafted popcorn! Try it and you won't be dissappointed!  All of our popcorn is non gmo mushroom popcorn with flavors like kettle corn,  caramel, mochi crunch and nori, and caramel belgian dark chocolate. Uncle Pops is available for sale online and makes for a great gift.  Most our popcorn is available for wholesale.  Store franchisees and investment opportunities are available.  Feel free contact us at info@uncle-pops.com    

Nitro Pop Popcorn Catering:
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Have you ever tried frozen popcorn that was dipped in liquid nitrogen?  It's an experience you won't forgot.  It's a cold crunchy, airy sensation. Cater Nitro Pop popcorn at your next event.  It's awesome at business events.  Go to www.nitro-pop.com to learn more. 

5 Gallon Bags of Popcorn- 
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Mochi Crunch and Nori Popcorn

What is Mochi Crunch and Nori Popcorn?  Good question. This is the Uncle Pops version of Hawaiin style popcorn. Mochi Crunch is Japanese Rice Crackers or as the Japanes call it Arare.  Mochi typically is a food made from rice, and in this case it’s dried and crunchy so we  get mochi crunch. 

Nori is toasted seaweed flakes.   Some of our other ingredients are soy sauce and sesame so the flavor is similar to furikake, which is a common Japanese and hawain seasoning.  Feel free to order and try some at
www. shop.uncle-pops.com

Bulk Popcorn for Events - We have 5 Gallon Bags - Interested in a Popcorn Bar or Candy Bar.  Need Popcorn?  click here or call 847.710.7789  5 gallon bulk bags also work for food service, cafeterias, bars, restaurants

Private Label - Contract Manufacturing - Co Pack
Popcorn is a mass market product liked by everyone that can diversify your sales.  If you are an existing grocery store, individual,  food supplier, or distributor, try a new popcorn product line Reduce your capital investments and minimize risk with our private label program.  We can copack, white label, private label, can provide contract manufacturing. Create a flavor or use an existing flavor.  Learn More

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We have recently built Merchandise Racks for Seven Eleven.  Check out images here http://unclepopspopcorn.tumblr.com/

An Article by the Times of India about Uncle Pops

Uncle Pops in Seven Elevens and Rainbow Acres in Los Angeles
the rack works well  in Neighborhood Markets, Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores, and Gas Stations
MSRP $3.99 to $5.49 based on the flavor.  Distributors and Stores are welcome to inquire

 Uncle Pops  began with my father in Chicago, IL in the 80s.  With a kettle popcorn machine, his delicious recipes filled my childhood with simple goodness.  Growing up, my uncle encouraged me to leave the corporate structure and do what I love.  In 2013 I finally did. The result is Uncle Pops, a tasty, artisan, and  preservative-free Los Angeles popcorn brand based on my childhood nostalgia. We started on kickstarter.com and our kitchen is growing! Uncle Pops is a delicious snack great when with friends or family. Eat Uncle Pops at home or give a popcorn gift to your clients, friends, and customers! 

Jason Shah - Owner

Jason Shah is a popcorn connoiseur and an Architect. His eye for detail and strengths in concept implementation and innovation are the core of the business.  www.jrshah-architecture.com

Check out our Pinterest Page: http://www.pinterest.com/jason1850/uncle-pops-popcorn/

contact: info@uncle-pops.com
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